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Prodflow 2

PRODFLOW® – Crop and orchard management


ProdFlow® is an innovative software package for managing crops and orchards.

It enables recording all interventions carried out on the plots. You can track phytosanitary treatments and calculate the cost price of plots. Now an essential tool, ProdFlow® assists you in a context of increasingly stringent regulations, standards and controls.

With an easy to use crops log book, ProdFlow® also integrates the management of your production costs for better analysis of your cost prices. In addition, you can manage your crops remotely via the Internet with software that offers optimum ergonomics.

You benefit from latest generation crop management software, fully integrated with production and traceability management (TraceFlow®) and business management (EuroFlow®).

You can also fully track the path of your products and manage costs in an integrated manner (production, packing station, logistics costs, etc.).


Choosing ProdFlow® means:

  • Calculating the cost price of plots in real time thanks to managing labour costs, equipment, and the phytosanitary products used.
  • Calculating the yield of each plot daily, taking into account external factors such as the weather.
  • Monitoring phytosanitary treatments enables very accurate control and scheduling of treatment orders (control of product mixtures, pre-harvest deadlines, etc.) via the treatment schedule. Also enables monitoring your consumption of inputs, equipment and personnel.
  • Crops log book with finely-tuned traceability of interventions and accurate time management throughout your production process, right up to harvesting, plot by plot.
  • Interfacing with the essential tools for efficient monitoring:
    • Geolocation
    • Application on tablet
    • Interface with weather station