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EUROFLOW® – Business management



EuroFlow® is a software package, specialised in the field of Fruit & Vegetables, developed by Informia and designed to manage your sales, purchases and margins. Used by over one hundred professionals of the F&V field, EuroFlow® is a management and decision-making tool.

In addition to the rich features for the F&V business, our software offers the best in technology. EuroFlow® is flexible, customisable and fast.

This software is in sync with today’s developments and continues to offer solutions tailored to your needs, while enabling you to benefit from original and user-friendly ergonomics.

Choosing EuroFlow® means:

  • Optimising your business management with finely honed management of the sales cycle via our tools:
    • Purchasing, notably with the “Producer Remuneration” module which is customisable according to your mode of operation;
    • Sales and sales accounts (for wholesalers);
    • Inventory management;
    • Processing costs and contributions according to your calculation methods;
    • Transport, etc. 
  • Automating your processes to maximise productivity with:
    • GS1 standardised EDI, which allows you to automatically exchange orders, delivery notes and invoices with customers and suppliers;
    • Interfacing with your accounting department, your production management department, customs, etc.
    • Automatic sending of faxes and/or e-mails;
    • Custom settings that allow you to refine the management of your customers and suppliers in the most efficient way, case by case.
  • Running your business in real time via:
    • Statistical tools ;
    • Dashboards ;
    • CRM.