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Informia thanks its customers !

This year again, Informia has organised Workshop meetings in a few cities in France and Morocco. The aim is to introduce Informia to local fruit and vegetable companies.
Every events are for Informia an opportunity to demonstrate its expertise on fruit and vegetable software for Business management,  Logistics, packaging and traceability management and Crop and orchard management.

But this demonstration would lose its credibility without expert testimonies from its clients always objective and often positive. Checkout for more details.

So, we would like to thank every clients who participated to the Informia events :

  • Mr Alain Vincent of Codruid’oc and Ghislan Rachet of Terroirs de Camargues for their testimony during the cocktail lunch to Saint-Rémy de Provence
  • Mrs Natahlie Semper of Novacoop for her testimony given in Agen
  • Messrs Christophe Maillet of Vergers de la Blottière and Thierry Albert of Nanteurop for their interventions during the ilimoww presentation in Nantes
  • Finally, Mrs Aline Briel from Soldive Maroc for her testimony in Marrakech

Thank you for sharing your time and your experience in the Informia software use.

All the Informia staff appreciate your support !