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Informia selects its partners among the most successful market players.

  • Supplier Partners

Aware that the quality of supplier relations is a strategic element of customer satisfaction, Informia has integrated the desire to build long-term relationships with selected suppliers into its overall strategy.

Each supplier is involved in the process Informia has set for itself and which results in achieving quality, cost, deadline and performance objectives in line with the offer provided by Informia.


  • Quality partnership

In an approach that is the most qualitative there is, Informia has opted to become a member of GS1.

GS1 technology enables promoting a common language based on proven and recognised standards adapted to the needs of each stakeholder in the supply chain.

For Informia, this partnership is essential. It is the sine qua non of recognised and flawless traceability.


  • Network partnership

Informia believes in network partnerships and works continuously on developing them.

This work has meaning for Informia for two reasons:

  • This development brings us complementary skills. Informia seeks partnerships that carry added value for all players offering to share their know-how and business expertise.
  • This enables the company to stay in touch with the market and make progress in R&D based on the needs transmitted action solar by the key players of the F&V sector.